Paradise Valley Luxury HomesA house. A property. A place to call home. It all sounds simple enough, but, in reality, we know that a house is often the largest investment and emotional decision you will make.

At HERSH24k–we get it. When working with our clients we want to prepare them with as much information as possible so that they can have both their dream home and make a primed investment.

What does that mean? It means preventing you from making a decision that won’t stand the test of time. It means thinking outside the box to truly make your dream come true.

What then makes HERSH24k stand out among the rest?

You’ve Got David Hersh on Your Team

hersh24k | David Hersh Hersh LuxuryThe HERSH24k team serves as the go-to realtors for luxury properties in Arizona, primarily focusing on the Scottsdale and Paradise Valley areas.

David Hersh himself has been at the frontline of multimillion dollar decisions for nearly 40 years. He went from operating at every management level of professional baseball, including the New York Yankees, to later spearheading the construction of stadiums and then landing into the local real estate market. The pricing of the local real estate market made this transitional career decision for him.

David Hersh is a businessman who understood that the pricing in the Arizona market was too good to pass up. His marketing skills have been utilized by some of the biggest names in business. David Hersh’s sales and development skills have been used on Wall Street and Main Street.

Would You Buy a Property without Stepping Foot Inside?

When it comes down to the brass tacks–what truly makes HERSH24k unique are the clients and the relationships we develop with our clients. Buying a property or going under contract without stepping foot inside the property is not an uncommon practice among HERSH24k clients. How is this possible?

David Hersh says, “The number one skill is listening to your client. Making sure your communication is tested and you have shared enough information so that you can get it right in less than five homes.”

David Hersh doesn’t want you to give away Harvard. He will treat a client’s money as if it were his own. Far too often an agent will list a house at a discount. A seemingly minor 5% discount on a multimillion dollar house could be the cost of a Harvard education.

He understands that confluence between personal and business when purchasing a home. HERSH24k is committed to bringing you that dream home and that primed investment to build your life on.

To learn more about the man behind the HERSH24k name, click here. Interested in working with David Hersh? Please give us a call at 602-758-2400, email us at, or visit our contact page by clicking here. We look forward to saying hello!

Let our vision and our experience provide you a new appreciation of your real estate.