Scottsdale_Luxury_HomesWho is Unison?

“Unison is a San Francisco-based company that is pioneering a new way to fund home purchases.”[1] We went to our trusted colleague at Unison–VP of Mortgage Lending Jim McGuire–to elaborate on the HERSH24k/Unison connection as well as Unison’s unique HomeBuyer program.

The HERSH24k/Unison Connection

McGuire says of HERSH24K, “David Hersh with HERSH24k was the very first real estate agent in Arizona to really grasp the benefits of the Unison HomeBuyer program with and he was the first agent in Arizona to complete a sale using the program.”

“That transaction was for a $3.76 mil new construction home in Paradise Valley in which the homebuyer only had to put down a total of $252,000 or 6.7%, which is basically unheard of for a home in that price range,” says McGuire.

He continues, “We were able to offer the buyer those favorable terms as a result of bringing a $500,000 Unison equity investment to the deal. David is well-equipped to handle these sophisticated transactions and stands apart as one of the most intelligent, creative, and hardworking agents that I have ever had the pleasure to work with.”

The Unison Equity Investment

McGuire explains that The Unison Equity Investment is not a loan and requires no monthly payments. It is a true equity investment in the home and Unison’s return on the investment depends on whether or not the home appreciates in value in the future.

He says the program is ideal for homebuyers who might either be having difficulty assembling the necessary down payment funds or, in many cases, choose to keep their cash invested in other opportunities, such as their business, rather than committing large sums toward the purchase of their principal residence.

The Unison Equity program is available to homebuyers who intend to occupy the property as their primary residence.

Double Your Down Payment with Unison

McGuire says that Unison has improved on the “Double your down payment” program and can now triple a buyer’s down payment. He provides an example of a typical “Double your down payment” transaction below:

  • Sale Price – 2 mil
  • Buyer’s required down payment – $100,000 (5%)
  • Unison Equity Investment – $300,000 (15%)
  • 3 times the buyer’s investment Loan Amount – 1.6 mil

To see more on Unison’s Equity Investment program–check out the “Double your down payment” calculator by clicking here.

About Jim McGuire

Jim McGuire is VP of Mortgage Lending at Unison and has been involved in the mortgage, banking, and title insurance industries for over 30 years. McGuire built one of the largest mortgage companies in the Midwest which was sold to First Tennessee Bank in 1999. He also pioneered online lending by creating one of the very first internet mortgage companies,

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[1] “About.” Unison. Accessed May 10, 2018.