Welcome to paradise! This 6,500-square foot home located in Paradise Valley, Arizona is one of the top 15 luxury home transactions made in 2018.

HERSH24k and Argue Custom Homes

At HERSH24k, we are excited to announce that our clients just closed on an exceptional custom build from Argue Homes. This magnificent Paradise Valley property has a gorgeous view, that redefines the very definition of mountain views, and was the first Arizona transaction of its kind. The home has already proven to be worth hundreds of thousands more than the original purchase price.


With this custom build featuring a modern design and the best that luxury real estate can offer, the builder and buyer are thrilled.

The buyer said of HERSH24k, “Please know how much I appreciate all you have done for us. We would not have gotten into the new house without you. Period.” Additionally, the buyer says, “Thank you to luxury home builder, Argue Custom Homes, for turning dreams into reality.”

Jim McGuire, VP of Mortgage Lending, says of David Hersh, “You were instrumental in putting together one of the most innovative and creative owner occupied jumbo financing structures that has been done in Arizona. You were able to see what most agents couldn’t so a lot of the credit goes to you!”

We congratulate our clients and thank Argue Homes as well as Hans Horchler, Jim McGuire, Nick Heth, Brad Kern, and Dana Mahler for making it all happen.

Luxury Home Investments from HERSH24k

At HERSH24k, we know that a great transaction not only involves buying your dream home, but growing your investment. If your dream home has that one-of-a-kind view or is a once-in-a-lifetime investment, make sure your realtor has the ability and experience to see it and make it happen. The HERSH24k name may be only two years in the running, but no luxury real estate group can match our vision and experience.

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