As luxury home specialists at HERSH24k Luxury Properties–we are committed to staying tuned into the market. We rely on data from The Cromford Report–check out our latest updates by clicking here–and The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing. Likewise, we rely on information and data about the local luxury home market from Phoenix Business Journal.

Luxury_Homes_ScottsdaleAmerican City Business Journals (ACBJ)

Each year ACBJ, parent company of Phoenix Business Journal, ranks the nation’s wealthiest ZIP Codes. This year ACBJ ranked “18,316 ZIP Codes with populations of 2,000 or more from the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2016 American Community Survey (ACS).”

“The ACS is a legitimate survey conducted by the Census Bureau.” Answers are collected “all year, every year” to “create up-to-date statistics used by many federal, state, tribal, and local leaders.”[1]

ACBJ developed the ACBJ Wealth Index to rank ZIP Codes using eight ACS indicators.

2018 Current Rankings

HERSH24k Luxury Properties primarily focuses on homes in the Scottsdale and Paradise Valley areas and for good reason as the rankings will show. The top five wealthiest ZIP Codes in Phoenix are all located in either Paradise Valley or Scottsdale. Here are the rankings:

No.1 85253 – Paradise Valley

ACBJ Wealth Index score: 28.13

(52nd nationally)

No. 2 85262 – Scottsdale

ACBJ Wealth Index score: 23.52

(175th nationally)

No. 3 85255 – Scottsdale

ACBJ Wealth Index score: 23.44

(179th nationally)

No. 4 85266 – Scottsdale

ACBJ Wealth Index score: 21.48

No. 5 85259 – Scottsdale

ACBJ Wealth Index score: 20.39

Paradise Valley’s 85253 was, again, ranked No. 1. Paradise Valley and Scottsdale are the places to be in the luxury home market. Check out HERSH24k’s current Featured Properties by clicking here.

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[1] US Census Bureau. “Top Questions About the Survey.” U.S. Trade with Haiti. Accessed May 15, 2018.