Going through a divorce is undoubtedly stressful and requires some skillful navigation. If you found yourself in need of a divorce attorney–would you go for the discount divorce lawyer?

Buying and selling a house requires some skillful navigation and David Hersh and the HERSH24k group know how to skillfully navigate the selling or buying of a luxury property. David Hersh says, “A good real estate professional will make you more than whatever a discount could save you.”

Point by Point

In the Money section of U.S. News & World Report, Contributor Teresa Mears writes about the “9 Red Flags to Watch for When Picking a Real Estate Agent.”

Below, we have listed some of those red flags and how HERSH24k is able to maintain the green flags and the go-aheads.

Red Flag: “The agent suggests the highest price for your house.”

HERSH24k: In our prior blog “Don’t Give Harvard Away,” we directly address this red flag saying, “If your home requires that big of a discount [referring to a $250,000 discount on a multimillion dollar home], then the home was priced wrong from the beginning and unrealistic expectations were established.”

Red Flag: “The agent is a relative.”

HERSH24k: Again, in our prior blog we at HERSH24k believe you should, “Pick your real estate professional not based on friendship, but based on the ability to get the most for your investment. If you can’t ask the hard questions or are afraid of injuring a friend, then are you protecting your investment?”

Red Flag: “The agent doesn’t usually deal with your type of property.”

HERSH24k: HERSH24k specializes in luxury homes in the residential Arizona real estate market. Primarily focusing on the Scottsdale and Paradise Valley areas. That means if you are in the market to buy or sell luxury multimillion dollar homes–HERSH24k has the go-to realtors for the job.

It’s Important

Buying and selling a house is a large emotional and financial decision. An important investment that requires skillful navigation.

So, likewise the decision of what real estate professional you choose to go with very much affects your dream home and your investment. It is important that you vet properly and are aware of the red flags so you know who to give the green light to.

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