In our latest Market News post, “What Makes HERSH24k Unique?”, we briefly touched on David Hersh’s business-minded approach to buying and selling homes and the dangers of discounting home prices.

What are those potential dangers? Let’s take a closer look.

The Numbers Don’t Lie

Scottsdale_Luxury_HomesImagine you are selling your multimillion-dollar luxury home in the Scottsdale real estate market. David Hersh says, “Far too often you will hear an agent say let’s discount by $250,000 or, in some cases, more.” In this instance, the $250,000 discount means you are losing out on the cost of a Harvard education.

“If your home requires that big of a discount, then the home was priced wrong from the beginning and unrealistic expectations were established,” says David Hersh. He continues, “One luxury agent in town regularly takes lists only to have them sell at prices $500,000 or lower. Think of what you can buy for $500,000.”

Throwing around a discount or taking this recommendation from an agent could be the difference between not only a Harvard education, but another luxury property investment or perhaps multiple Harvard educations. The numbers just don’t lie.

The HERSH24k Approach

At HERSH24k, we know how to think outside the box and use every tool we have to ensure the successful sale of a luxury property.

David Hersh says, “It should not take the Scottsdale average of 266 days to sell a luxury property. There are proven, successful ways to get the job done in as little as 120 days. If your agent does not know these approaches or hasn’t tried them–is he or she giving you all options available?” Picking a real estate professional is the real investment.

When it comes to choosing a real estate professional, David Hersh adds, “There are 41,000 realtors in the valley. Many qualified and many more not. A home is most often your most valuable investment. Pick your real estate professional not based on friendship, but based on the ability to get the most for your investment. If you can’t ask the hard questions or are afraid of injuring a friend, then are you protecting your investment?”

David Hersh and the HERSH24k team understand that selling a home is both an emotional and business decision. They are committed to protecting your investment so that you don’t end up giving away Harvard.

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