Where the Wealthy Live: Learn Arizona’s wealthiest ZIP codes by median incomes

Written by Patrick O’Grady of the Phoenix Business Journal.

What hasn’t changed much is the nature of where wealth in the Arizona Valley resides. This week, the Phoenix Business Journal ran a list of the wealthiest ZIP codes in the region. If you’ve lived here for more than a few seconds, you probably already know that certain areas in and around Paradise Valley and Scottsdale may top the list for overall wealth.

But the data we have, compiled by our parent company American City Business Journals, showed more than just wealth. And the attached information shows where the wealthy live ranked by median income.

It’s a different list, and my neighborhood, which is the only one this year truly on the west side of Phoenix, ranked a lot higher than I’d have thought.

But there are a couple of trends to look at when going through the data. The first is that traditionally wealthy areas tend to have high median incomes, but they also have a higher percentage of people who make over $200,000 annually.

Other areas high on the list have high median incomes but fewer of those people making high salaries. In cases of areas where you might not think of as traditionally wealthy, say Peoria or Gilbert or Chandler, that means there’s a lot of people making money as a two-income family.

Those dual incomes produce a lot of wealth in the Valley.