When you’re looking for a new home to move into, the neighborhood should be a large part of it. You don’t want to find your dream house, only to realize it’s not in the area that you want to live in. Consider these following questions when you search for your dream home, to make sure the neighborhood it’s in is the one for you.

1.       Is the neighborhood considered safe? – You can ask the residents of the neighborhood this question, just to see how they answer. It’s an open-ended question, one that allows those questioned to answer truthfully with whatever comes to their mind. Do some searching of your own, by looking at online crime records to see how safe the neighborhood is.

2.       What are the schools like? – It’s always important to know the status of the schools in the area, as those as the schools that your children will be attending. Ask the neighbors, check the ratings online, and possibly visit the schools yourself to see just how they compare.

3.       How do people socialize? – Are there playgroups set up for children? Book clubs, religious organizations or quilting circles? It’s a good idea to see how people socialize, just to see if you’d fit in.

4.       How many homes are for sale in this neighborhood? – You may only have eyes for one house, but the number of homes for sale can be indicative to problems in the neighborhood. While this isn’t always the case, as sales could just be attributed to market fluctuations, a multitude of vacant homes could be the sign of some serious problems driving the residents out.

Finding your dream home is always a good thing, but we like to make sure that the neighborhoods are just as good a fit as the house is. If you have any questions regarding your search for a new home, and the neighborhoods that home may reside in, feel free to contact us or check out our website. HERSH24k Luxury Property experts will be happy to help you search for your dream home.

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